Email design and process building | Emily Jones
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Email design and process building

I was brought in as a Senior Designer to create emails, banners and social campaigns during their busiest season. However, my role became more than this, as I helped create and implement new working processes for the creative team. I also became the acting Design Lead in the interim between the freelancer lead leaving and hiring a permanent lead.

In brief

The Client 

Photobox produces customisable photo gifts –  I worked in-house. 

My role

  • Concepts for email campaigns
  • Delivering 3-6 email designs per week
  • Creating new processes to make the team more efficient
  • Working agile


  • Fast-paced environment – short turnaround times
  • Lack of process in the creative team

Results and project highlights

  • Delivered many creative concepts within a short turnaround time
  • Shaped the direction of the new brand
  • Developed new processes to help the team work better together, and communicate effectively with the wider teams
  • Great feedback from the team

Creative work

The new brand rules were still not set in stone, so I was able to play around with look and feel and experiment with creative concepts. This also included A/B testing of email designs.

I entered Photobox during its ‘Peak’ season – just before Christmas. With new promotions every week, emails going out every day (in English and French) and banners for multiple countries markets bi-weekly to say it was hectic would be an understatement.

UK Christmas 50% off campaign

UK February Triple Offer campaign

FR February 70/30% off campaign

FR Valentines 50% off campaign