Leading the redesign of ELCG's vaccination clinic brands - Emily Jones
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European Lifecare Group

Leading the creative direction of ELCG’s vaccination clinic brands

1 year (part-time)

Design Lead

Branding, UI/UX, project management


ELCG needed to overhaul their three brands – Vaccination UK, DLVS and London Travel Clinic.
I joined as their Design Lead to revamp the brands, manage website launches and create marketing campaigns.

The Client

European LifeCare Group operates a network of private vaccination clinics. There are three main brands – London Travel Clinic in London, Vaccination UK in the rest of the UK and Dankse Laegers Vaccination Group in Denmark. I worked on all three brands in-house part-time for most of 2019.

I Delivered

  • Rebrand for London Travel Clinic including logo refresh, brand look and feel, and UI guidelines, and website assets including icons and imagery
  • Rebrand for Vaccination UK and DLVS including logo refresh, brand look and feel
  • Marketing campaigns for London Travel Clinic, VUK and DLVS including social, PPC, and print
  • UI / UX and project management of new London Travel Clinic website

Step One

A quick upgrade for VUK and DLVS

The Vaccination UK and the Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service logos both have good recognition but were in desperate need of a revamp.

Vaccination UK is the overarching brand for ELCG in the UK – it operates the schools programme and the regional clinics for the UK. Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service is the equivalent for Denmark.

The Board were reluctant for too much of a change. I retained the icon from the existing logos, but chose a more modern serif font. I also created a new colour palette that could quickly be rolled out across their websites, and later on their marketing.

Later down the line I would propose new typography for the logo, but baby steps!

Step two

London Travel Clinic rebrand

London Travel Clinic is ELCG’s brand for their London clinics. There was lots to do in terms of Creative Direction for the brand. My first task was a brand redesign.

When I arrived at ELCG, the external web design agency had already started the web build for London Travel Clinic, but with no creative leadership in-house, the project did not have much direction.

The web design agency had presented a look and feel for the new site but the restrictions of the original brand meant that the new site was still looking old fashioned.

The Logo

The graphic on the existing logo was well-liked so the requirement was to keep this.

However, it did need some re-balancing – I changed the direction of the plane, adjusting the spacing and making sure the icon weights were consistent.

Final London Travel Clinic logo - horizontal on white
Final London Travel Clinic logo - horizontal white-out
Final London Travel Clinic logo - vertical on white
Final London Travel Clinic logo - vertical white-out


The branding needed to have a balance between being clinical and fun. We needed to show the brand was medical and trustworthy, but still be visually fun to appeal to an audience of young travellers.

I explored and tested different directions for the following:

  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Iconography
  • UI Guidelines
  • Digital marketing concepts
  • Print marketing concepts

The brand evolved as I continued to work with London Travel Clinic. Working with the brand for over a year we tested different ideas to develop the brand alongside the marketing team.

Step three

London Travel Clinic website redesign

The London Travel Clinic website was in need of a major style overhaul, as well some UX work to help users better navigate the clinic’s services. The booking process was no longer fit for purpose and was causing issues with wrong appointment booking and customers being confused over pricing.

When I arrived at ELCG, the external web design agency had already started the web design. The initial brief had changed significantly and the scope of the project had expanded since the agency started – such as needing a whole new brand, UX improvements and many more features being added. This meant that the project was massively behind schedule.

I worked as the Design Lead to get the project back on track. I created UI guidelines for the web design agency, redesigned the navigation and booking process. I managed the external web design agency through to launch.

  • bridge-browser-top
  • bridge-browser-top
  • bridge-browser-top
  • bridge-browser-top
  • bridge-browser-top


    increase in visitor to booking conversion rate


    increase in PPC conversion rate


    increase in annual traffic in one year

    This was a major task, separate website case study coming soon.


    This was the first time ELCG had brought their marketing in-house, and with a new team and a refreshed brand we created, tested and successfully launched a number of marketing campaigns.

    It was important that marketing materials that could be easily adapted across the brands, with only small tweaks to imagery and copy.

    London Travel Clinic Companion for customers to take away after their vaccinations

    GP Outreach Leaflet and Postcard (Danish)


    Working with ELCG was a great opportunity to shape the identity of a set of brands. Transforming the London Travel Clinic brand had it’s challenges but it was great to see amazing results from the website transformation.


    increase in visitor to booking conversion rate


    increase in PPC conversion rate


    increase in annual traffic in one year

    Emily is a very talented designer, but she is also a lot more than that. Emily has great commercial instincts, pays very careful attention to detail, is able to proactively manage projects, agencies and team members and gets things done efficiently and effectively.

    Carole Egerton, CMO at European Lifecare Group