London Travel Clinic website | Emily Jones
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Managing the London Travel Clinic website launch and redesigning their booking process

6 months


London Travel Clinic was in need of creative leadership to launch their new website. I worked as their Design Lead to rebrand, redesign their booking process and manage the external web design agency.

The Client

European LifeCare Group operates a network of private vaccination clinics. There are three main brands – London Travel Clinic, Vaccination UK and Dankse Laegers Vaccination Group (Denmark). I worked on all three brands in-house part-time for most of 2019.

My Role

When I arrived at ELCG, the external web design agency had already started the web design, but with no creative leadership in-house, the project did not have much direction. The initial brief had changed significantly and the scope of the project had expanded since the agency started. This meant that the project was massively behind schedule. I worked as the Design Lead to get the project back on track.

Alongside this, I worked on the redesign of ELCG group brands – see branding case study


  • Entering the team halfway through a struggling website build
  • The only design person within the team
  • Many stakeholders with differing opinions
  • No clear insight into customers – anecdotal evidence only
  • No user research


  • Delivering a brand refresh, UX and UI guidelines and managing website build
  • UX for the new booking process – resulting in reducing the number of mistake appointments
  • Improved conversion rate on new website vs old website
  • Personal development: improving project and people management skills