Mitsubishi Motors | Emily Jones
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Mitsubishi Motors via Critical Mass

UI Design for automotive site

4 months

UI Designer

Design systems, Designing for CMS, Agile working


The Client

Mitsubishi Motors via Critical Mass

My role

I spent four months at Critical Mass working on the global Mitsubishi Motors site. In two-week sprints, I worked alongside a UX and Copywriter to complete sections of the site. I also helped build up the component library alongside an Art Director.

I delivered

  • Creative concept work
  • Collaborating with strategists, UX designers and copywriters from the start of each brief
  • Contributing to a component library, allowing me to help shape the site for now and in the future


  • Designing with multiple languages in mind
  • Designing for CMS
  • No digital brand guidelines
  • Time constraints

‘Discover Mitsubishi’ pages

The main set of pages I was responsible for on the project were the ‘Discover Mitsubishi’ section of the site to show Mitsubishi’s brand values. I worked on the concept and UI design for this, alongside members of the strategy, UX and copy team. 

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